Metal Shake Roofing Overview

Introducing you to Metal Shake Roofs and Why San Diego Homeowners need them

As a San Diego homeowner, you have a long list of options when you want to replace your current roof. Before choosing from one of the options available to you, consider several things, especially how the roof fits your personality and style.

You’ll need to pay attention to the fixture, panel, and color of the roofing material before choosing. You also need to look at things like lifespan, sustainability, cost, durability, and installation procedure.

It is also important to note that different roofing materials have their differences in customization, just as some are more expensive than others to customize.

If you seek a roof replacement that’s sustainable, durable, and long-lasting, a metal shake roof is a great option.

A metal shake roof has a similar appearance and feel to cedar shake roofing. Cedar shake has been loved for its attractiveness and is rustic, warm, and beautiful. We loved and used cedar shake roofs for decades in San Diego, but because of their short lifespan and need for frequent maintenance, we had to move on from them.

Now we have a metal shake roof that is as attractive as cedar but strong, long-lasting, and not as prone to weather damage. Metal shake roofs are made with several alloys and metals that come in several designs and colors.

Advantages of choosing a Metal Shake Roof

Due to its long list of benefits, metal shake roofing has continued to become a favorite of many San Diego homeowners in recent times. The unique appearance of metal shake roofs compared to other metal panels is one reason many people like them. Some other benefits of metal shake roofs include:

1. The ability to withstand harsh weather 

Metal shake roofs can handle and survive the toughest weather conditions, such as wind, ice, rain, snow, and ultraviolet rays. You can expect this roof to withstand severe rains, heavy winds, serious snow, wildfires, lightning, and even earthquakes.

Metal shake roofing comes with a Class 4 rating against the impact of hail. With all these, you can tell that it is perfect for homes in areas with severe weather conditions, as its integrity will keep it standing.

2. Long lifespan

As a homeowner, it is in your best interest to choose a long-lasting roofing material for your home. Metal shake roofing has one of the longest lifespans in the market, making it a great option. With the right maintenance, it can last a literal lifetime.

While asphalt shingles have an average lifespan of 15 to 20 years, metal shake roofing lasts for 50 years and above, with minimal maintenance requirements.

3. Recyclable 

With a focus on more environmentally-friendly roofing options, metal shake roofing meets the mark because of an impressive carbon footprint. Metal shake roofing is sustainable and comprises materials that are 100% recyclable.

After your metal shake roof lasts a lifetime, you’ll also be able to recycle the material while replacing the roof. Also, because many metal roofing materials were made from already recycled material, the process beginning at manufacturing and ending at installation won’t negatively impact the environment.

4. Ease of installation

Due to their lightweight nature, metal shake roofs are easy to install, which saves you installation costs and ensures a quick installation process.

Also, you can install your metal shake roofing all year round- even in winter, that’s considered the wrong time for roof installation. You can change your roof in winter because metal shake roofing is available for a smooth winter installation, unlike other roofing materials that need certain temperature levels for a safe and successful installation process.

5. Energy efficient  

Your choice of a roof can either improve or reduce your energy efficiency, which can affect a lot of things, including how much energy bills you pay. Metal shake roofing keeps unwanted heat and cold out of your home because it seals your home tightly.

In winter, the metal shake roof will help retain heat, just as it will expel the heat in the summer. Once it can naturally improve the cooling and heating of your home, you will see your utility costs reduce.

6. Beautiful aesthetics

Cedar was always a popular choice for a long time because of its beauty. The only downside was its inability to last long, as well as high maintenance costs. Metal shake roofing replicates the beauty of cedar roofing but does even more. You can choose to customize your metal shake roofing’s color and finish. You have a long list of options before you to define and determine what aesthetics you want your metal shake roof to have.

7. Customizable and flexible

One more reason to love metal shake roofing is that it can be customized thanks to its flexibility. You can also add roofing accessories without any issues. For instance, if you live in an area where there’s a lot of snow, you can comfortably install snow guards that’ll help send the snow off your roof to avoid moisture damage. Metal shake roofing can also handle daylight and skylight installations, and a list of others.

A Metal Shake Roofing is a great choice

If you want to enjoy the classic beauty of cedar and the durability and lifespan of metal, then metal shake roofing is your best option. It delivers a unique and beautiful aesthetics that lasts a lifetime and a material that has little or no maintenance with a lifetime of usage.

You can rely on metal shake roofing to shield your home from terrible weather elements because the roof integrity speaks louder than other options you might find.

To further explore the benefits and installation options that come with metal shake roofing, contact a professional San Diego roofing contractor to guide you towards deciding on the best metal shake roofing for your home.